performance by Randy Yau / Scott Arford

Hear with your body. This is not about music. This is not about performance or the performer. The goal is sound and the explicit translation of sound into physical force. The goal is internal and external realization. It is about provoking new modes of perceiving and experiencing one’s own body – triggering variable and autonomous psycho-physiological response. It is about the total acoustic sense of space – observing sound to measure the capacity of architecture. It is about the phenomenon of resonance or sympathetic vibration – all things working in one continuum.

Infrasound is a spacial-acoustic concert series, initiated and performed by Randy Yau and Scott Arford with changing guests. The series investigates the possibility of sound, especially low frequencies, to measure the capacity of architecture; it is about the physicality of sound and the physical experience of sound. Each space has its individual resonance, specific frequencies are amplified, others muted. Each space is filled with as much frequency as needed until the space starts playing itself. Things in the space start to vibrate or to rattle. The audience feels the frequencies on their own bodies. Each concert is bound to the architecture of the venue. As an acoustic container, the space becomes a laboratory for experiments.