lecture by Louise K Wilson

Louise K Wilson has traveled inside numerous military and scientific sites in pursuit of the acoustics of resonant spaces. She has sought to explore ways in which technologies of the audible create new ways of engaging with the lost traces of institutional places that are ordinarily overlooked. These investigations have focused on the gathering of impulse responses and the subsequent manipulation of this naturalistic reverberant information. In a recent project with David Chapman, the focus of investigation switched from the capture of environmental information, to the synthetic reconstruction of an environment’s auditory properties – the acoustics of a ruined temple were digitally reconstructed to assist in the production of a soundtrack for a video work that engaged closely with the site.

In her presentation at Tuned City Tallinn, Wilson explores aspects of the tactility of audio technology, the nature of convolution reverb and how Cold War sites resonate with cinematic narratives.

appearance at Tuned City
Sounding the Local / 08.07.11