presentation by Udo Noll

Udo Noll will present the current developments of the radio aporee ::: maps project, a collaboratively created and continuously growing sound map of the world. The project has started 4 years ago and meanwhile contains thousands of recordings from numerous urban, rural and natural environments, showing the audible complexity of our living spaces, as well as the different perceptions and artistic perspectives related to sound, space and places.
In addition, radio aporee reflects contemporary developments in mobile computing and locative media, and researches the possibilities and practices of mobile listening. The radio aporee workshop in Tallinn, April 2011, has introduced to the new project miniatures for mobiles, a platform and tool for creating space-based sound works, for listeners in motion, tuned to their actual environment. Udo Noll explains the concepts and technologies involved, and presents the results and experiences of the workshop, as well as a brief overview of recent and ongoing projects working with the new platform.

appearance at Tuned City
Transduced Spatiality / 10.07.11