lecture by Max Dixon

London has experienced some innovation in terms of public engagement with sound in the built environment over the last decade, such as through the Mayor of London’s ‘Sounder City’ strategy. How much further could such innovation go over the next decade and beyond, in London and other cities? This presentation will review trends in lifestyles and technologies, challenges and opportunities. For example, electric and hybrid vehicles offer a once-in-a-hundred-years chance to transform the keynote sounds of cities. But safety or ‘trademark’ sounds may be added, and who will assess the mix? At the other end of the spatial scale, Liminal’s award-winning sonic crystal ‘Organ of Corti’ suggests new ways in which experiences of local spaces could be enriched. The presentation will explore ways in which ecological principles could inform fresh approaches to design and management of city soundscapes, and ways in which more people could be involved in co-creating new soundscapes.

appearance at Tuned City
Applied Sound: Case studies / 10.07.11