punktierter garten

Installation by Jens-Uwe Dyffort and Roswitha von den Driesch
Tafelgarten at Hamburger Bahnhof by atelier le balto / 01.07. – 20.07. 08

When the Hamburger Bahnhof was built and rebuilt into the museum for contemporary art, the plan of the architect Josef Paul Kleihues – to erect a second big gallery on the left side of the building – was not realised. Today, this part of the building ensemble seems in the architectural context like an oddment, a fragment. The different construction plans from different times, the structures of the former train station, the architecture of the present museum and the passage to the new exhibition halls can be seen here.

The atelier for architecture, atelier le balto, designed a garden on this location, „woistdergarten? – Der Tafel-Garten“, that by use of different materials like wood, water, plants, clinker, sand and rails take up these architectural structures.

With their sound installation Punkierter Garten – Punktiertes Fragment Jens-Uwe Dyffort and Roswitha von den Driesch take up the spatial structures of the space in relation to the garden and enhance them into a temporal, acoustic sound space. Hundreds of small piezo speakers are installed on the opposed walls of the former station. The speakers are triggered by electric impulses to click. They animate the environment to echo and thus amplify the sensation fort the surrounding space. The speakers represent a self-triggering and developing system that slowly rising takes up the architectural directions. The accumulating fine noise of clicks mixes with the noise of the city, with the steps of passing visitors, until the reach an acoustic denseness that then abruptly stops. The only noise left are cars, people on the parking slot, listeners in the garden, birds and the humming of the city in the distance.