Founded in 1993, Ici-Même [Grenoble] is a collective of variable shape, getting together three to thirty people according to different projects. The collective’s approach is deeply rooted in the urban space, as a place and an object for experimentation. Mixing sounds, images, objects, dance and speech, the artistic practice of Ici-Même is protean and cross-medias, and cancels out the boundaries between the fields of theatre, soundart, installation, performing arts, graphic design, architecture, photography, writing, video, field sociology… The creation process develops within the urban reality of the everyday life, productions are written and conceived in the public space where they eventually take shape. All of the environment is likely to be considered a perceptive and informative source matter for creation, which can be captured, recorded and collected. If the city might be understood as a geographical compound of axes and zones, bounded and identified areas and districts, it is also traversed by flows of activity or movement of people according to a very specific temporality that matches days, seasons, actuality… unremittingly shaping and reshaping its proper landscape by filling some spaces while leaving other places hollow, uncovering folds and interstices. Through a sensitive exploration of these “human territories”, Ici-Même calls to study the many usages of the public space and puts forward an art of the experimentation.

appearance at Tuned City
City sounds concerts / 04.-10.07.11
City sounds concerts workshop / 28.06.-03.07.11