Christa Kamleithner studied architecture and philosophy in Vienna. From 2000-04, she was author and editor for dérive – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung (journal for urbanism) and from 2001-2006 board member of the Autrian Society for Architecture. In 2003, she worked for the EU research project “Urban Catalyst”. From 2004-05 she was research project assistant at the TU Graz and worked for the Ladenburger Kolleg Zwischenstadt. Since 2006, she has been research assistant at the University of the Arts Berlin, Faculty of Art and Cultural History in the degree programme Architecture. Since 2007, Christa Kamleithner has been assistant lecturer at the Center for Metropolitan Studies at the TU Berlin. Recent publications: Ästhetik der Agglomeration (with Susanne Hauser), Wuppertal: Müller + Busmann 2006; Schwerpunkt dérive 31, 2008: Gouvernementalität. Her research investigates theory of the social space, architecture as a medium, history of urbanism and new planning methods.

appearance at Tuned City
urban space and sonic experience / 02.07.08