with Lukas Kühne (URG/D)
May 9-15 2011

The workshop Form + Sound II – Exploration of space and frequency aims at creating an acoustic environment diagnosis as a living organism. During the intensive course students will experience working together in an international and interdisciplinary team. They will scientifically and artistically  explore the relationship between the form that creates sound and the sounds that create form, in order to finally develop their own site-specific sound project presented to the public on or within the sourroundings of Lauluväljak.

Where does this travel take us? One can expect a deeper knowledge or a better perception of “space and frequency” and the roles these fundamental elements of nature play in our daily life. This is a wide and open field of research that is relatively unexplored. Assuredly, there are some surprises to discover which will prick up ones ears and eyes. The idea of “Form and Sound” is carrying out a multidisciplinary laboratory building bridges among the different arts and genders. Sound does not exist without material support: it requires sources in space in order to have some kind of form and it needs ears in order to be heard. Sound depends on the material and the form of sound sources. This workshop explores the relationship between the form that creates sound and the sounds that create form. Taking this a step further we’d get to the exciting possibility to plan installations and develop projects in various spaces, where the public can participate and become an active part of it.

During the course several lectures by professionals and experts of different fields will take place. Invited speakers include architects and sound engineers. By the end of the guided fieldtrips and the lecture days the students will have come to know which sort of organism is the Estonian Song Festivals Ground and the sourounding area to formulate the part of the site, they wish to work on. They will announce which materials they will work with and also where the presentation of their project would ideally take place. The project may be conducted either individually or in groups.

Expected results:
By the end of the workshop there will be an presentation, which will take place at several locations around Lauluväljak, such as the huge stage, the large park as well as at the Baltic coastline, etc.

Estonian Academy of Arts / www.artun.ee