Members (in alphabetic order):

Wolfgang Dorninger
– works on the interface of electronic music, multimedia art and sound art. He runs the label base records. Various works based on field recordings.,

Richard Eigner – is composer, sound artist, producer and percussionist who moves on the interface of improvised electronics, jazz and minimal music. For the project “Denoised City” he cleaned urban field recordings of their acoustic dirt.,

Stefan Messner – moves between E and U. As a melancholic loner in his solo live act “mes.” or as a rioting pack of animals in the alternative concept of the topos boyband called “s.kushima /a.tell/m.eisenmann/w.oei”. Also: film, video, projections …,

Joachim Knoll – musician, producer, composer, DJ, radio show Host

Stefan Kushima – on field recordings based psychdrones; releases on diverse underground labels.

Michael Petri

Iduna Sickinger – figur in the feld, student of audiovisual media and musician in the classic sense. Has worked with recording and modifying of arbitrary and deliberate sound only for a short time.

Johannes Staudinger – founder of the Merker TV and the label records. DJ for GenderBender. Field recordings since 1998.

appearance at Tuned City
das kleine field recordings festival / 05.07.08