with Carlo Cubero, John Grzinich, Patrick McGinley (Tallinn/Moste, EE)
January – July 2011 (ongoing)

This project conducted within the framework of Tuned City over several months, involves the research and production of a guide to the city of Tallinn from an auditory perspective. Working as an interdisciplinary group (Anthropologists, Architects, Urbanists, Artists), the initial phase involves researching the sonic qualities of the urban environment including its spaces, flows, characteristics and cultural life: – Does a city have its own sound and if so, what defines this sound and how does this shape the city´s identity?

The second phase comprises of the translation of the research data and its transformation into
a visual language that reads as a map. This map, with its symbols, diagrams and text, acts as
a guide to both the permanent inhabitant and the casual visitor, who will hear the city in a new way by tuning in and listening with open ears. This final form is to be printed and distributed freely during the event in july 2011.