The work of Lasse-Marc Riek is an assemblage of the most diverse styles and techniques. His interdisciplinary productions are shaped by elements of the fine arts, phonography, environmentalism, performance, sound-art and conceptual art. These productions are situated in a tight relationship with one another. They complement and enrich one another — just like human beings, created by nature, find themselves in an ongoing process of change and are part of the eternal becoming and fading. In the domain of phonography Riek’s focus rests on acoustic ecology and bio-acoustics by means of field recordings of both society and nature. His music, recorded with a microphone, is brought about by coincidence and the immediate presence of nature, society and animals. In his quest after the archaic sound Riek collaborates with scientists, ecologists and musicians.


appearance at Tuned City
das kleine field recordings festival / 04.07.08