Soinu Mapa is an open collaborative project. Based on “phonography” or the art of recording environmental sounds, our aim is to show, share and exchange field recordings made in the Basque Country.

Soinu Mapa started thanks to a collection of recordings made by Luz Maria Sanchez in 2001. During a residence at Arteleku, this mexican sound artist did dozens of field recordings on different geographical locations of the basque country, from south to north, east to west. This collection was archived on Arteleku mediateque, ready to be used by any artist, as Luz Maria wrote on the documentation. Three years later, Audiolab created Soinu Mapa, in order to present in public all this collection and create a even bigger archive based on the same philosophy.

Oier Iruretagoiena and Xabier Erkizia are both sound artists and radiomakers. They are politically as well as culturally active in the diffusion of field recordings in the Basque Countries. In this way they have helped to create an institutional recognition of this art form that can be considered quite exclusive in the European Community. At the dkfrf they will present Soinu Mapa, and use the sounds as a starting point for their performance.

appearance at Tuned City
das kleine field recordings festival / 04.07.08