workshop with Ralf Schreiber und Martin Kuentz

Dates: 1-4 July 2008

Fee: EUR 10

Workshop Language: English & German

This four day workshop aims to create architectural models of of urban structures which can be sonically activated using small motors taken from cassette tape players. Each workshop participant can (alone or in groups) develop and build these “sounding (architectural) models”. The models can be tuned according to sound criteria and arranged and linked according to their function for a collective presentation on Saturday 5 July.

The motors can be upgraded with simple, self-made circuits such as amplifiers, mixers, speakers and motor controllers. The sounds of theses motors can then be amplified to produce a wide variety of electronic-sounding noises to animate the structures, and tape-loops can even be played through the structures. The models themselves will be constructed of simple materials such as cardboard, styrofoam, wood and metal sticks, and the natural resonance the materials used has a direct influence on the sound.

No previous experience is required for this workshop, and the models can be taken home by the participants. There is also no age limit for participation. The workshop is limited to 10 participants per day, and you may participate on one, a few or all four days. Early registration is recommended.

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