workshop with Chris Watson

Dates: 1-5 July 2008

Fee: EUR 75

Workshop Language: English

Hearing Berlin: 12 Approaches is a workshop for environmental sound recording conducted by Watson for Tuned City. This workshop takes a multidisciplinary approach towards field recording, inviting practitioners in different disciplines–from sound artists to architects, city planners to social researchers–a chance to listen to the city of Berlin through Watson’s expert guidance. The results of this 5 day workshop will be presented in the final day of the Tuned City event.

Tune in, listen and record some of the summer sounds of Berlin from a different perspective and varying temporal resolutions. The techniques and ideas will first be presented at a workshop to introduce the idea of working with location sounds, what recordings to aim for and thoughts about application and post production. Different recording equipment will also be described and approaches to listening discussed.Fieldwork will follow at a variety of key locations. One possibility is to explore sites ‘out of hours’ to pick up the underlying atmospheres that characterize familiar city sites, the sounds of which are often masked by the noise of traffic and human activity during the day. Participants will then be encouraged to work with the gathered material in a post production environment to create pieces for installation, demonstration and exhibition later in the week.

No previous experience is required for this workshop, and the use of high quality, professional recording equipment is included. The workshop is limited to 12 participants, so early registration is required.


>>> this workshop is fully booked!