Tuned City day 5 / block 1 / 11 am / radio house Nalepastraße

Gerhard Steinke
the room is the robe of the music: the acoustics of the radio house Nalepastraße

Thomas Ankersmit / Antoine Chesex
diffusion – acoustics

guided tour
Gerhard Steinke / Gisela Herzog
the acoustics of the radio house

Jean Szymczak
electro-acoustic demonstrations

Edwin van der Heide
Field of Overtones


The former Funkhaus Nalepastraße, a historically protected building complex that was built 1951-56 in Berlin-Oberschöneweide and until 1990 was domicile fort he GDR radio, still impresses with its mixture of modernity and classicism, of monumentality and ironic casualty. The arched studio building contains several studios for recording and the production of radio plays as well as the famous hall 1, which Daniel Barenboim called “one of the best recording halls in the world”.

Gerhard Steinke, who supervised for 40 years the studios at Nalepastraße with the research laboratories for acoustics and audio technology and who can be considered as a pioneer of east German audio technology, will introduce this day and describe the special acoustic of the Funkhaus. After this, Steinke and the acoustical engineer Gisela Herzog will lead through the different production studios and architectural characteristics of the building.

Musicians Thomas Ankersmit and Antoine Chessex will perform a series of site-specific acoustic saxophone duets which aim to explore the particular sonic phenomenon intrinsic to each location.
Sound engineer Jean Szymczak will give insight into the work of a recording studio and demonstrate room acoustic design potentials on an architectural and electro-acoustic level. Additionally, the results of the field recording workshop with Chris Watson and presented as well as a new work by Edwin van der Heide, wich explores the natural behaviour of wind as a model of a space sound-movement. Both presentations give the opportunity to experience the excellent acoustic qualities of the studio spaces in a multi-channel set up.