Tuned City day 3 / block 3 / 4 pm / Alexanderplatz

Susanna Niedermayr

Frauke Behrendt (University of Sussex)
navigating hybrid spaces via sound

Udo Noll
radio aporee ::: maps

Dr. Michael Bull (University of Sussex)
sound moves: media technologies and urban spaces

Jens Gerrit Papenburg (Humboldt Universität Berlin)
Muzak. Zum Hören des Nicht-Hörens

Dr. Jürgen Altmann (Universität Dortmund)
acoustic weapons

Cláudia Martinho (mesarchitecture)
counter tactics


Which role does sound play as a tool for design, as a social filter, as a communication catalyst or as warning system? How public is Alexanderplatz from the acoustic perspective?

Cultural scientist Frauke Behrendt conducts research into the experience and reflection of urban space via mobile media; focusing on interactive art, music and sound projects that experiment with mobile technology. In her talk she questions the possibility of sound to navigate in urban space. The artist Udo Noll presents an open sound-mapping project that is filled with sounds using mobile phone as a microphone.

Michael Bull, media scientist and iPod-expert, talks about the influence of mobile sound and communication technology on our experience of the urban environment, the creation of own mobile auditory worlds and the resulting changes of social behaviour.

Jens Gerrit Papenburg investigates in his research subliminal phenomena and will introduce functions and effectiveness of Muzak. The physicist Jürgen Altmann discusses a different, hardly less-subtle form of violence: acoustic weapons. The architect Cláudia Martinho describes in return experiments and tactics of urban practice that counteract a monopolization and control of public space with acoustic means.