installation and site specific-performance by Florian Tuercke
public space

The intention of the concept Urban Audio ECoC1 is to examine public space in terms of its musical and compositional potential. For this purpose special instruments are designed that transform ambient sounds to musical tunes. The Urban Audio instruments are temporally put into public places, e.g. at traffic intersections, to record music. When a car passed by one of the instruments, the contained strings resonated. The string-vibrations were picked up and transfered to the recording studio via radio-transmission.

The Urban Audio music is created and played by all participants of the underlying noise situation. These music pieces are collateral compositions, which means compositions that are created as by-products of situations whose purpose and origin has no musical substructure. Collateral composition are created unknowingly and unintentionally and embody the textural conditions of the underlying situations. In this regard, seemingly chaotic or unpredictable situations are as interesting as self-organizing, or controlled situations. The musical composition lies within the constitution of the situation.

appearance at Tuned City
Tuned City Tallinn / installations
Urban Audio ECoC1 – performance / 05.07.11