Mark Smith is a Carolina Distinguished Professor of History at the University of South Carolina. He is the author of several books, including “Mastered by the Clock: Time, Slavery, and Freedom in the American South”, which was the winner of the Organization of American Historians’ 1997 Avery O. Craven Award and the South Carolina Historical Society’s Book of the Year. His further publications are “Debating Slavery: Economy and Society in the Antebellum American South”, (Cambridge University Press,1998), “Listening to Nineteenth-Century America” (University of North Carolina Press, 2001), “How Race Is Made: Slavery, Segregation, and the Senses” (University of North Carolina Press, 2006; a 2007 Choice Outstanding Academic Title), “Sensing the Past: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, and Touching in History” (University of California Press, 2008), and “Camille, 1969: Histories of a Hurricane” (University of Georgia Press, 2011). Smith has lectured throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and China.  His work has been reviewed and featured in the “New York Times”, the “London Times” and the “Chronicle of Higher Education, Brain, and Science”. Currently he is at work on the book “When War Makes Sense: A Sensory History of the American Civil War”, under contract with Oxford University Press. Furthermore, Smith is the current President of The Historical Society.

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