Maksims Shentelevs is an architect, phonographer and sound artist who defines soundscape as a dense self-referent field of activity shaped by overlapping motion of objects in space. Shentelevs started field recording in 2002 focusing on sound gathering as non-intervention policy for observation of structural models in nature. These field studies became the basic material for following soundscape modeling in studio. Predominantly Shentelevs is interested
in biotopes referring to habitats of insects and small creatures. Presently he is involved in self-made acoustic and electroacoustic instruments and sound objects as tools for mutual discourse with nature. Since 2003 he has participated in several residencies and festivals in including Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, and in 2007 Shentelevs organized the “Mijatmina” festival, dedicated to soundscapes and video textures, in Riga.

appearance at Tuned City
Turgophonia / 07.-10.07.11