permanent installation by Lukas Kühne
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Narva mnt. 95, Tallinn, Harju

A common subject in visual arts and in music is nature and the dimension of space. Cromatico is a  visualization of the chromatic – or »well tempered« – musical scale, which nearly all Western classic and popular compositions from the last 300 years have followed. This sensual and didactic sculpture invites the visitor on the journey through the 12 halftones of the octave from »F« to »E«, allowing them to enter, touch and play the artwork in order to better understand space in relation to the frequencies contained within its volumes.
The external shape of Cromatico reflects its internal function, creating a visual sensation of the chromatic scale cast in 30 cubic meters of reinforced concrete. Set against our everyday habit to sing, read and use this musical system are physical spaces of the various frequencies. Deeper frequencies require proportionally greater volumes of space than higher ones. The measurements of the sculpture’s chambers are scaled in proportion to the body of the visitor, and their heights increase from the highest »E« (or 164 Hz) tone at 2.21 meters to the lowest »F« (or 88 Hz) note, which stands 4.04 meters high.

Made possible with the support by SA Tallinna lauluva?ljak, Nordecon Betoon OU?, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement, HC Betoon AS, German Embassy Tallinn and many more…

appearance at Tuned City
Tuned City Tallinn / installations