Performative installation programmed to operate 24 continuous hours. Within this time frame, an algorithm modulates amplitude and increase resonant qualities of 16 channels of white noise. 2 surfaces of 310x230cm were designed and installed in relation to the architecture of the exhibition space. The surfaces rotate independently in a fixed angle, acting as passive filters.

FALL, 2018
Amplification system, signal generator, direct drive motors, wood, PVC, acoustic foam, software
Site-specific intervention at Großer Wasserspeicher. Berlin, Germany

Commissioned by Tuned City

Funded by Initiative Neue Musik e.V., Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin and Tuned City/Oanssis Cultural Center Athens as part of the Creative Europe cooperation project “Interfaces”.

Composition & programming: Mario de Vega
Construction of rotating surfaces: Torsten Oetken
Mechanics: Carlo Crovato
Location recording: Adam Asnan
Curator: Carsten Stabenow

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