many, many images were taken, you can browse a nice collection at our flickr pool >>>

(foto John Grzinich)

Felicity Ford wrote some nice reports about Tuned City Tallinn: part 1 + part 2

(foto Felicity Ford)

as well as a very interesting documentation of one of  Pierre-Laurent Cassière‘s Transphere performances

(foto Felicity Ford)

Derek Holzer\’s highlight report you can read here >>>

A report about Tuned City by Lithuanian Tautvydas Bajakevicius at >>>
(an english version can be found here published at >>>)

(foto John Grzinich)

Florian Tuercke documented his Urban Audio intervention on his website with images and video.

(foto John Grzinich)

John Fail documented the workshops taking place at Ptarmigan (framework radio, tuning the city, 12-tone-filter and radio aporee)

(foto Unsworn Industries)

The project Metaphone by Unsworn Industries is documented on their website.

An interview by Vladimir Ljadov with Thomas Ankermit can be found here >>>




(foto John Grzinich)


The participants of the framework radio – documentation and production workshop have been gathering recordings and interviews throughout the festival days. Here you can listen to some of the audio highlight sequences:

7. July 2011 – opening

8. July 2011 – first conference day

9. July 2011 – second conference day

10. July 2011 – third conference day

and 3 words about tuned city…

the complete show at framework:afield #356: 2011.12.18

(foto and all conference recordings John Grzinich)


Introduction by Raviv Ganchrow

Sonic Potentials of Tallinn: a case study lecture by Carlo A. Cubero (EE)

Sound Map of Tallinn presentation by John Grzinich (US/EE)

Constructing Finno-Ugric identity through music lecture by Urve Lippus (EE)

On the Plasticity of Echoes: Cold War sites and ruined temples lecture by Louise K Wilson (UK)

framework radio presentation by Felicity Ford (UK)

Listening as action. lecture by Marta García Quiñones (ES)

Shotgun Architecture presentation by Justin Bennett (UK/NL)

Favourite Sounds and Sonic Migration presentation by Peter Cusack (UK)

Sounds of Europe project presentation by Ann Goossens / Q-O2 (BE) and Jaume Ferrete (E)

Resonant Chambers, Broadcast Spheres lecture by Sabine von Fischer (CH)

Plugging the Modern Home lecture by Carlotta Darò (CA)

radio aporee ::: presentation by Udo Noll (D)

Metaphones presentation by Unsworn Industries (SE)

Imagine a Tuned Future lecture by Max Dixon (UK)

bonn hoeren – »a hearing perspective« presentation by Sam Auinger + Carsten Seiffarth (D)

Hörstadt Linz presentation by Anatol Bogendorfer + Florian Sedmak (A)

Due to the technical error we have unfortunately lost the recordings from the second conference day.
The speakers that day were:

With reference to the anthropology of sound
lecture by Ernst Karel (US)

Listening through history
lecture by Mark Smith (US)

The Sound of Megalithic Monuments: from Skara Brae to Stonehenge
lecture by Aaron Watson (UK)

Listening as Critical Social Praxis and as a Practice of the Self
lecture by David Kleinberg-Levin (US)

presentation of architecture related soundworks
by Pierre-Laurent Cassière (F)

Wandering with Voices – a phenomenological inquiry on the vocal experience of everydayness
lecture by Eduardo Abrantes (PT)


(foto and recordings John Grzinich)

sonic Drainscape of Tallinn
by eyland 07 (René Rissland, Jürgen Lehmeier) und Florian Tuercke










(foto Rene Rissland/Jürgen Lehmeier, recording John Grzinich)

12-tone filter
by eyland 07 (René Rissland, Jürgen Lehmeier) and Florian Tuercke

(foto Sara Krines, recording framework radio group)

performance at Patarei by Aernoudt Jacobs

(foto Carsten Stabenow, recording by Daniel Allen)

Torpedoes Out
installation by Raul Keller

Els Viaene documented her fieldrecording research here:

(foto Rene Rissland/Jürgen Lehmeier, recording Florian Tuercke)

Urban Audio ECoC1
public intervention by Florian Tuercke

(foto Unsworn Industries, recording/mix framework radio group)

installation by Unsworn Industries

moore is comming soon…


07. July 2011 – main evening news of Estonian national TV (ETV) on Tuned City >>>


The official newspaper of the Cultural Capital Tallinn 2011 „Kultuuripealinn“ (printrund 50.000 per issue) featured the project in a couple of their issues:

18. February 2011 – interview with Derek Holzer about the preparation workshops >>>
13. May 2011 – interview with Lukas Kühne about his installation Cromatico >>>
08. July 2011 – interview with Carsten Stabenow about the festival / Soundmap of Tallinn >>>

August 2011, article about Cromatico in Double Altura, Uruguay >>>

The Soundmap of Tallinn was released for the festival and is an invitation to discover the city from an auditory perspective. By mapping the results of a several months comprising research on Tanllinn´s sonic qualities, both permanent inhibitants and casual visitors are prompted to hear the city in a new way by tuning in and listening with open ears.

A bigger version at the exhibition space invited the audience for additional suggestions…

(The basemap was kindly provided by Tallinna Linnaplaneerimise Amet / Aluskaart Tallinna Linnaplaneerimise Amet)

more to come…