Vicky Bismpiki is an artist that combines new technologies and programming languages to describe and explore today’s perception of the world and our role in it through the potentials of interactive artworks.
She has completed a Bachelor degree in AudioVisual Arts of Ionian University and a masters degree in Art and Technology of the Image at the University of Paris VIII and Fine Arts of Athens. She has presented her work and collaborative projects in several productions ,festivals, cultural research and conferences such as the European Projects EASTTIN and Performigrations, NEON & Marina Abramovic Institute presented at Benaki Museum, Centre Dramatique National la Commune in Paris and the International Research Conference Technoetic Telos: Art, Myth & Media, Center for the Arts & Culture and more.
In her most recent works she worked as a data visualization specialist giving her the opportunity to research and develop projects that deals with big data, such as “People behavior/location visualized as point clouds in interactive 3d environments”. She is currently member of the Greek Medea Electronique Media Art Team, collaborating in projects produced with the support of Onassis Cultural Center.

Tuned City Messene 2018 – Listening Politics