Lucia Farinati is a researcher, curator and activist. In 2007 she established Sound Threshold, an interdisciplinary curatorial project that explores the relationships between site, sound and text. She has worked with the Precarious Workers Brigade and the Micropolitics Research Group and has collaborated with many sonic art projects and radio initiatives including Helicotrema, bip bop, Errant Bodies, Audio Arts, Resonance 104.4 FM, Institution of Rot, e-Xplo, Radio Papesse and Radio Arte Mobile. Her research focuses on dialogic aesthetics, especially on the work of artist William Furlong and the feminist writing of Carla Lonzi which she has activated through collective readings and radio broadcasts. She is currently working on an extensive research project on Audio Arts in collaboration with Tate Archive as part of her PhD at Kingston University – FADA, London.

Tuned City Messene 2018 – Listening Politics