by Stefanie Matjeka

The public intervention Liaison evokes the question about our personal behaviour towards urban soundscapes. It provides a nomadic space within the city to perceive the acoustics from an unknown perspective and it labels distinctive spots for sound in urban space as alternative points of interest.
Several Tents will be set up in the city centre of Brussels at locations chosen by their characteristic and specific urban sound atmosphere. They will be accessible for the visitors and labeled in reference to the Festival TUNED CITY with a distinctive pictogram.
Inside each tent the visitor will find a site-specific note with simple listening instructions. The tents are not anchored firmly in the ground to maintain their mobility and to enable visitors to interact with them.
The tents offer a secluded place for the visitors within the public space to experience the surrounding sounds in an intimate situation. They both channel the focus towards one moment of urban soundscape and question the valuation of sounds in terms of harmony.
Labeled and distributed in urban space as one part of the festival TUNED CITY, the tents turn into an iconic sign. They communicate the idea of exploring and discovering sounds within the „urban jungle“ and sanitize the public image of street
noises eventually. This intervention questions our notions, what sounds are worth listening to and opens up the possibility of a change of perspective.