by Sabine Sellig (D)

inter S
sound installation with interaction at the city.

no determined time frame and place megaphone, millimeter paper

The first sound I heard in Brussels was the traffic lights sound, the monotonous ticking on occasion faster or slower, swelling or ebbing away.
Seen in an abstract way, these 24 hours periodic appearing, penetrative signals symbolise regulations, unities, certain frames and pattern.

The „red“ / „green“ phase act itself as loops, of course together,too.

The periodic and circular feature is what you can call my main interest; the little pips in progression are absolutely engrossing: if you once noticed them you‘ll never achieve to dissociate yourself again.
Concerning my artistic way of working with recorded audio material:I am always dealing with little loops in combination.

Typically I search for little rhytmic conspicuous or characteristic events in my collected material, cut these events out and arrange them in a multi-laned new way…