lecture by Brandon LaBelle (US)

„Diary of a stranger“ (© Brandon LaBelle)

Sound supports a dynamic relationality between self and surrounding, imparting generative instances of contact and belonging, along with interruption and negotiation. From echoes passing across a given space to vibrations underfoot, disturbances from the neighbor to recollections of disappeared voices, this intense relationality can be appreciated as exceeding the sightlines of the architectural imagination, and the limits of the single body, to support alternative notions of shared space – of meeting the other.
Following theories of distributed agency and disagreement, I’m interested to chart out this „acoustics of sharing“ by way of over-hearing. At stake is a concern for the potentiality of sound to foster collectivity in the (un)making, and how this may suggest new modalities of „being public“.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Situational Listening – 29. June 2013