Mattin (E/BASK) in conversation with Kobe Matthys (BE)

An “stranged conversation” between Stockholm based artist Mattin and Brussels based artist Kobe Matthys. Through this conversation they will be sharing their different experiences regarding their contexts while looking at the  relationship between conflicts and struggles, changes in politics and
economics and the role of culture within these processes. Conversation as a form of improvisation exploring current social noise and how artist can learn from it.

In the book “Noise & Capitalism” Mattin published in collaboration with Anthony Iles (2009), he explores contemporary alienation in order to discover whether the practices of improvisation and noise contain emancipatory moments. He questions how these practices point towards social relations and wonders how we can turn our backs to an environment that is constantly claiming our attention. In a more recent project he deals further with the topic of gentrification and its acoustic markers as well as imprints. In this lecture-performance he will present some new insights in that regard..

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Relational Noise – 28. June 2013