To properly explore the sonic effects possible within the cityscape, it is often necessary to move beyond the traditional model of the seated conference- or performance-audience.

Taking place each day, the site-specific Projects featuring soundwalks, performances, installations and interventions. These projects involve the audience in a new way of experiencing sound and space through the use of sculptural, graphical, musical and sonic means.

Some of the projects are designed for a small group of people, keeping the experience of the project both participatory and intimate. Such projects may be offered several times during the Tuned City event. Other projects may only be offered once within the context of the conference program, and some may require registration to keep the audience within a certain size. Please check the project descriptions below for more information.

27 – 30. June 2013

12:00 – 20:00h
Will Schrimshaw – Module for a Comprehensive Instrument

Udo Noll – radio aporee – fmwalks/bx

27. June 2013

20:00h SOLD OUT!
David Helbich – Drag + Drop (a social choreography, an urban contemplation)

28. June 2013

12:00 – 20:00h
Dawn Scarfe – Listening Glasses (walk)
Parc Botanique/Kruidtuin map >>>

Joanna Bailie – Rue Royale / Rue Traversière (installation)
Le Khedive map >>>

Christina Kubisch – Electrical Walks – Electromagnetic Investigations in the Botanical Gardens (walk)
Parc Botanique/Kruidtuin map >>>

Lisa Lapierre & Audrey Lauro – espace intervallaire (intervention)
Parking RAC  map >>>
(start: 16:00h, 17:00h, 18:00h)

29. June 2013

12:00h (start) – 18:00h
Stalker/ONBrussel Navigator. Walking across the edge in between: urban/rural, us/others, past/future, citizens/institution. (walk)
Maison du Peuple map >>>

12:30/18:00h (start)
Guy De Bièvre – Soundwalk Passacaglia (walk)
start and meetingpoint: Maison du Peuple map >>>
limited places, please register early!

12:00 – 20:00h
Akio Suzuki – oto-date (listening points)
various locations, to be visited any time (a map will be provided soon)
guided tour: 17:00h, start at Maison du Peuple map >>>
limited places, please register early!

Lee Patterson – The city Tunes Itself (listening points)
Parc Paulus/Place Herman Dumont/Parc Tenbosch/Abbaye de la Cambre map >>>
(headphones and player needed, available at info point)

Rie Nakajima – As Far As Your Tortoise Goes (installation)
Cimetière d’Ixelles/Begraafplaats van Elsene map >>>

Roberta Gigante – Closer (installation)
location tbc (info at info point)

Pierre Berthet – Extended transducers and low tension small motors (installation)
Abbaye de la Cambre map >>>

Sybille Deligne & David Zagari – Les Porteurs

30. June 2013

14:00 – 18:00 (ongoing)
Flavien Gillié, Alexia Goryn & Margaux Nessi – Haren visité
Cité Hamesse

Martin Howse – enclosed detection environment (EDE)