Pierre Berthet, born in 1958, lives in Liège, Belgium. He designs and builds sound objects and installations (steel, plastic, water, magnetic fields,…) and presents them in exhibitions and solo performances since 1988 mostly in Holland, Germany, France and Belgium. Main exhibitions of the last years: 2011: Soundseing III, Westphal, Germany: 3 installations and 2 performances, 2012  : Visual sounds, Koln, 2013  : Audiograft, Oxford Multiple variations of the installation “extended drops” created in 2010 in a disused water tower in Berlin (Singuhr Hoergallerie), then realized in a more digitalized version in Maastricht (stichting Intro), in Kortrijk, festival Klinkende stad (Belgium), Archéoforum, Liège Since 2000, multiple variations of “extended loudspeakers” who traveled to Japan in 2003 (Gallerie Surge), were showed in parcs and forest (Château de Barbirey, France) and begijnof (Hasselt, Belgium). More details, descriptions, drawings, photos, videos and sound examples on www.pierre.berthet.be. Since march 2010, plays regulary “Galileo”, a performance for 5 sounding pendulums by Tom johnson ( Amsterdam, Metz, Brussels, Paris , Montpellier, Liège, Gravenhorst, Lausanne)

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Extended transducers and low tension small motors / 29. June 2013