27. June 2013
Opening night
Kaaistudio’s, Bruxelles

Listening Back and Forth in Brussels
by Valeria Merlini (IT) & Felicity Ford (UK)

Drag + Drop (a social choreography, an urban contemplation)
walk by David Helbich (DE)

ATTANTION! The opening performance at Kaaistudio and the Walk by David Helbich are sold out, but please join us at Curo Hall at 21:00 for the performance:

Marina Rosenfeld: P.A. FOR SOLO PERFORMER
performed by Marina Rosenfeld (US) & Okkyung Lee (KR)
@ Curo Hall

28. June 2013
Day 1
Relational Noise

Noise is a notion that generates a multiplicity of meanings. It is highly subjective, complex and difficult to define. On the first day of the festival this topic will be explored through its concrete embodiment in the area around the Botanical Gardens. This part of north-central Brussels is densely layered and manifests a special character of agglomeration and urban compression. The Botanical grounds and building, constructed in 1826, appear today as a curious patch in the city fabric. As a consequence of urban developments starting in the 1960s, the gardens have become surrounded by subway lines, the ring-tunnel traffic system and high-rise buildings, such as the State Administrative Quarter and the recently built Financial Tower.
How is the urban space acoustically defined by such overlapping functionalities? What is happening within and between these structural layers? On Day 1 we will navigate the vertical topography of the city, exploring the subterranean as well as outdoor reaches of a territory extending form the Gardens to the North Train Station.



Relational Noise
@ Centre Rosocha beginning 10:00h


performances before/within the symposium

Felicity Ford & Valeria Merlini Shorts: Listening to Tuned City from within and without
@ Centre Rosocha, beginning 10:00h

Kabir Carter Report
@ Centre Rosocha, beginning 10:00h

installations during the day

Will SchrimshawModule for a Comprehensive Instrument
mobile, 12:00–20:00h

Udo Nollradio aporee – fmwalks/bx
mobile, 12:00–20:00h

Dawn ScarfeListening Glasses (walk)
Parc Botanique/Kruidtuin, 12:00–20:00h

Joanna BailieRue Royale / Rue Traversière (installation)
Le Khedive, 12:00–20:00h

Christina Kubisch + StudentsElectrical Walks – Electromagnetic Investigations in the Botanical Gardens (walk)
Parc Botanique/Kruidtuin, 12:00–20:00h

Lisa Lapierre & Audrey Lauroespace intervallaire (intervention)
Parking RAC, (start: 16:00h, 17:00h, 18:00h)

evening performances

Lukas Kühne & Robyn SchulkowskySpace and Frequency – Rhythm Lab
Noordstation, 21:00h

Wessel Westerveld & Yuri Landman The Intonarumori
Gesù Kerk/Eglise, 21:00h

29. June 2013
Day 2
Situational listening

This day focuses on sonic methods and strategies of artistic exploration and appropriation of urban space, concentrating in particular on the physical and psychological influences that shape the way we hear. The program consists of an interconnected series of site-specific sound walks, interventions, performances, installations and lectures. The public is asked to come prepared for extensive outdoor walking in the zone that stretches between South Station and the Cemetery of Ixelles. The objective is not merely to stroll between the sites of artist presentations, but rather to discover and participate in the city, its situations and incidental sounds experienced along the way.
The framework of this day evokes Guy Debord’s model of the ‘dérive’, with its meandering strategies and subjective mappings though this time with an attention to aural experience of urban situations.



Situational Listening
Block 1
@ Maison du Peuple, beginning 11:00h

Situational Listening
Block 2
@ Galerie Rivoli, beginning 15:00h

installations, walks, performances and interventions during the day

Will SchrimshawModule for a Comprehensive Instrument
mobile, 12:00–20:00h

Udo Nollradio aporee – fmwalks/bx
mobile, 12:00–20:00h

Stalker/ONBrussel Navigator. Walking across the edge in between: urban/rural, us/others, past/future, citizens/institution. (walk)
Maison du Peuple, 12:00 (start) – 18:00h

Guy De BièvreSoundwalk Passacaglia (walk)
Maison du Peuple, start 12:30 and 18:00h
limited places, please register early!

Akio Suzukioto-date (listening points)
various locations, to be visited any time (a map will be provided soon)
guided tour, 17:00h (start at Maison du Peuple)
limited places, please register early!

Lee PattersonThe city Tunes Itself (listening points)
Parc Paulus/Place Herman Dumont/Parc Tenbosch/Abbaye de la Cambre
(headphones and player needed, available at info point), 12:00-20:00h

Roberta Gigante Closer (installation)
location tbc (info at info point), 12:00-20:00h

Pierre BerthetExtended transducers and low tension small motors (installation)
Abbaye de la Cambre, 12:00-20:00h

Sybille Deligne & David ZagariLes Porteurs (intervention)
mobile, 12:00-20:00h

evening performances

Franziska Windisch Sonata For 4 Cardinal Points
Place Marie Jansonplein

Rie NakajimaAs Far As Your Tortoise Goes
David Maranha & Patricia Machás
Maison du Peuple

30. June 2013
Day 3
Ephemeral Atmospheres


The resonances and atmospheres that either catch our attention or pass unnoticed are an interesting aspect of city sonority. Determining the precise nature of such characteristic instances has become a central tenet in recent sonic theories. An attention to diverse notions of ambience will serve asthe starting point for the festival’s concluding day in Haren, situated at the north-eastern edge of the Brussels Capital Region.
Despite the  presence of a nearby airport and high-speed train link, Haren still maintains its tranquil atmosphere of the chicory farming village it once was. Though today this quietude is precariously nestled between abandoned industrial buildings and large scale construction sites for an expansive prison and the new NATO headquarters.


Operative Ambience @ GC De Linde
beginning 11:00h

installations during the day

Will SchrimshawModule for a Comprehensive Instrument
mobile, 12:00 – 20:00h

Udo Nollradio aporee – fmwalks/bx
mobile, 12:00 – 20:00h


Flavien Gillié, Alexia Goryn & Margaux NessiHaren visité
Cité Hamesse, 14:00 – 18:00h (ongoing)

Martin Howseenclosed detection environment (EDE)
Keelbeek, 14:00 – 18:00h (ongoing)


Akio Suzuki & Aki Ondama-ta-ta-bi
Black Buddah, 17:00h

evening performances

Zoë Irvine Eloquent Voice: Lies and Other Truths
ZENIAL (Lukasz Szalankiewicz) Connection Reset by Peer
Black Buddah, 20:00h

Tickets: conference €5 – performance €5 – day pass €8 – festival pass €25  –
for reservations send us an e-mail!

You can download the complete program brochure as pdf: TC Brussels 2013