04.-10.07. 2011, daily 11:00 – 23:00

Tuned City Tallinn will start with a „warm up / fringe“ phase. During this time the workshops are running, the permanent and temporary installations in public space and special indoor-locations will be open and a daily schedule of guided audio tours and walks will be offered. Around our main bases MÄRZ project space and Ptarmigan we will establish a social hub for the Tuned City project, with information counter, meeting point, starting location for several walks and guided tours. A fringe program will give the chance to present projects and researches related to our topic in short presentations and Pecha Kucha – style sessions and short performances. Please check our website for most recent program updates.

Info Desk
July 4th – 10th / 11:00 – 23:00
@MÄRZ project space
map >>>

The project space MÄRZ is located in the old town, and focuses on establishing a self-initiated, noninstitutional open cultural project space in the center of Tallinn. You can pick up the program and the sound map of Tallinn here, sign in for guided tours and site specific activities or rent special devices for acoustic exploration on your own. Documentations of several workshops will also be on display.

July 4th 2011

Project presentation by Florian Tuercke (D)
Florian Tuercke will present his URBAN AUDIO project, the development of the instruments and his experiences during extensive touring with his mobile studio. He will also talk about his work with the Urban Research Institute, dealing with questions of art in public space and artistic interaction with society (http://www.urban-research-institute.org)

Project presentation by eyland 07 – Jürgen Lehmeier & René Rissland (D)
eyland 07´s field of interest focuses on the peripheral areas of architecture and city planning, often working in interdisciplinary teams together with artists, musicians, specialists for acoustic and sociologists. The relationship of architecture and sound is one of the topics of focus in their work. They will present several projects in this context.

July 5th 2011

Architectures of Sound: A New Material to Create (in)Habitable Places
presentation by Lorenzo Beretta (IT/UK)
Sound is not just a floating, ephemeral presence that exists in architecture over a period of time but, instead, a solid material that defines and changes the space around us. Sound, through its properties, is able to redefine the way people navigate and explore spaces. Sound is no longer to be used as an accessory or content of architectural spaces but, instead, as a material able to give form, volume and shape to buildings. The talk will provide an historical critical reading of sound over the twentieth-century, the basis for its use as a material and its implications in architectural and design practice.

Screening: Insound
by Patrick McGinley, Carlo A. Cubero (EE) and students / staff of the Social & Cultural Anthropology Department of Tallinn University
This documentary is a sonic portrait of Kerti, a resident of Tallinn who is visually impaired. The recording follows Kerti doing various tasks of her daily life and includes recordings made by herself.
The piece is an attempt to apply the methodological, epistemological, and ethical standards of ethnography to field sound recordings. The exercise is the result of doing participant observation with a recorder and constructing a sonic argument out of the recordings themselves, using analogous logic to documentary filmmaking. The intention is to consider the properties of sound in their own terms and to use sound as a means to convey a sense of a social experience.
This documentary is the result of a collaboration between students and staff of the Social & Cultural Anthropology Department of Tallinn University and Patrick McGinley, a sound artists based in southeast Estonia. The recorders and producers of this piece are members of a Sensory Anthropology Study Group that meets regularly to research the connections between anthropology and the senses, with a special emphasis on cinema.
Recorders & Editors: Madara Bunske, Marje Ermel, Juhani Juurik, Kerstin Karu, Piibe Kolka, Polina Tšerkassova
Directors: Carlo A. Cubero & Patrick McGinley
Producer & Distributor: Social & Cultural Anthropology Department, Tallinn University

July 6th 2011

17:00 – at Linnahall
Helin/Chime …

[…] Concerts are no longer organised in the Linnahall, which is waiting for better times, but this summer, a sound installation consisting of 10,000 charity chimes will be attached to the ceiling of the pas-sageway under the building. The passageway is 50 metres long and 30 metres wide.
In this manner, the prematurely retired building can offer a sound experience and help for the needy even though its interior is no longer available for public use. The chiming and glowing installation ‘Chime’ is also the imaginary starting point of the Culture Kilometre built for this summer.[…]

The Chime installation is part of the Lift 11 Urban Installations Festival in Tallinn. The work by Juhan Rohtla, Joel Kopli, Koit Ojaliiv only remains a nice idea as the authors misjudged the wind strength and the chime turned out rare and weak. Lift 11 invited Tuned City and the involved artist for a collaborative brainstorming on site for this afternoon.

A balloon for …
by Davide Tidoni (IT)
A Balloon for … is an itinerant project that brings to life the sound responses of specific spaces. By bursting balloons, the project discovers unique acoustic sites and invites people to explore space through listening. Davide Tidoni will speak about this and several other projects with a particular focus on listening modes and sound experience.

A soundinstallation for the Katel

project proposal by Maria Hansar and Herkko Labi
From 15th – 17th July Katel/Tallinn will open its doors and introduce Katla’s past, present some valuable ideas for the future and analyze projects that are forming around it. Within the context of this open house, a combination gallery and seminar event will fill two spaces in Katel with site-specific sound and video installations – the grand hall and the so-called secret garden.
Tuned City is honored by the free access given to us by the Katel organizers for our conference and performance program. So when the Katel aproached us and asked if the artists involved in this program could brainstorm about potential options and possibilities, we quickly agreed that this was an excellent idea.
Could something be developed in a workshop during Tuned City? Or could those spaces can be given as an experimental playground and exhibition space? Results of these speculative processes could then be built upon for a follow-up event to the festival.
The organizers of Katel will present the project and look forward to stimulating a vital discussion.

July 9th 2011

SONICdust (03:40)
by Lorenzo Beretta
This experimental composition is one of Beretta’s attempts in his ongoing doctoral research to establish how sound alters the behavioural pattern of users in the spatial realm. You are invited to participate through answearing the questions in the book on display.

more to come …