site visit at Seaplane Hangars
July 9th + 10th 2011 daily at 16:00 meetingpoint info center Maritime Museum map >>>
limited places – please register early, see below!

„The seaplane hangars are the most unique architectural monument in Estonia from an engineering and technical point of view,” said KOKO Arhitekid director Andrus Kõresaar. The complex was constructed between 1916 and 1917 and is an unique shell concrete structures, which demonstrate engineering 20 years ahead of its time.
The historic Seaplane Hangar is being renovated and will house the Estonian Maritime Museum. The smooth arced domes of this architectural monument create a series of unparalleled sonic effects, ranging from from pin-point reflections and multiple echoes, to clear signal transmissions across the entire structure. The Hangar was the primary location for the Tuned City pre-events of 2010 where a series of installations, workshops and performances took place. More info on the hangars can be found here:

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