site visit at Linnahall
July 9th and 10th 2011 – 17:00 meetingpoint Linnahall stairs map >>>
limited places – please register early, see below!

The 22nd Summer Olympic Games were hosted in Moscow in 1980. As inland Moscow had no suitable venue at which to stage the sailing event, this task fell to Tallinn, the capital of then Estonian SSr. Apart from the main venue for the sailing event, Pirita Yachting Centre, a lot of other sports and entertainment facilities were built during preparations for the Olympics. One of them was V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport, which was later renamed to its present name, Linnahall. A large concrete structure was  built under the obligation not to harm the view from the sea to the old town by architect raine Karp. resembling a Mayan temple from the outside, the inside offers highly interesting architectural ideas. The main auditorium itself has no doors. rather, the complete outer shell can be opened  to the surrounding foyers, exposing the 6000 seats as in a public plaza. Linnahall is no longer used for events, so this is a rare chance to have a look inside.

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