Präsentation von Anatol Bogendorfer + Florian Sedmak

Hörstadt is one of a few Linz 09 projects that maintained activity after 2009. It has had a wide range of activities since its official start in January 2009; setting up Public Centers of Calm and a museum of hearing, running a campaign against imposed noise, realizing public sound installations, publishing The Acoustic Manifesto, initiating the Linz Charta, hosting the legendary No Music Day, founding a yearly conference and publishing in various media.
Anatol Bogendorfer and Florian Sedmak, both founding members of Hörstadt will talk about past, current and future activities. Further they will speak about their experiences of trying to establish such a project within the boundaries of public expectations, local politics and the status of being European Capital of Culture.

im Programm von Tuned City
Applied Sound: Case studies / 10.07.11