site-specific sound walk project by Maksims Shentelevs
July 8th – 10th 2011 – daily 15:00 – 18:00
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Balti Jaam market entrance map >>>

A marketplace is a space of diversity.
Colors, shapes, smells, emotions and noises.
Standing in lines or fallen in piles.
Organized or messy.
All come in focus.
All sound out.

In all parts of the world and in all ages marketplaces have been and are socially, functionally and culturally mixed context locations of vital significance for societies and cityscapes. Even if sometimes recognized as ugly, marketplaces are the true expression of nations, as the best and the worst qualities of all social groups forming a nation, express themselves and face each other in one concentrated spot. There the rich meets the poor, the fency town dweller meets the peasant, thiefs meet the fair, local meets foreign and regular meets outstanding. A marketplace is a place to showoff and exchange – a place where one can really tell what things are about.
What happens if we mix it even more – if the sound of one marketplace is transferred to the location of an other and vice versa? Do we get confused? Or can we perceive the context of location even more clearly?

The sound walk project Turgophonia by Maksims Shentelevs offers a daily headphone walk across Baltijaama Turg market. The public is invited to explore the market while listening to field recordings from other market places around the world gathered by Shentelevs over the last 8 years. The resulting comperative shift of perception will reveal the character of both overlayed spaces – one experienced by one’s own presence, the other one by the sense of hearing.

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