a workshop on Tactile Acoustic Interventionism
mit Mads Bech Paluszewski (Copenhagen, DK)
5-10 Juli 2011 (während des Events), kostenlos 

Beginn 5. Juli 12:00 @ Ptarmigan – bitte anmelden!

The goal of this workshop is to produce a series of ad hoc sound installations through investigating, experimenting, learning and performing with the acoustic possibilities of a city.
The method is basically to experiment with what Mads Bech Paluszewski calls the Tactile-Acoustic Interventionist approach. This means, to use the physical and tactile aspects of acoustics to adapt the everyday objects and structures in our urban surroundings. From day to day, the participants will locate different sites of interest in Tallin and intervene with these locations by testing their acoustic nature and adding acoustic energy to the objects and structures of the given location.

Essential to perform this workshop is an especially developed Tactile Acoustic Interventionist System, that relies on the principles of transduction, ie. the conversion of energy from one form to another. At the core of the Tactile Acoustic Interventionist System are certain speaker driver units called audio transducers. Their function can be described as a speaker magnet seperated from its cone and cabinet – especially designed for flexible attachment and optimal transmission of vibrational energy to any given material attached upon.
In this workshop participants will use transduction to set in vibration any object or structures of choice in order to produce sounding units. For exercises Paluszewski will provide a library of prepared sound material, but participants are also invited to bring in their own material.

Due to the experimental and discovering nature of the workshop, the sessions will  have an open structure. The results rely on the findings and the ideas  developed throughout the workshop. The finishing goal is the demonstration of the workshop results at end of day 6 (july 10th).