performance by Julien Clauss, Pom Bouvier B. and Fabien Artal
July 9th to 10th – 1:00 / July 10th – 17:00
@Vabaduse Väljak (Freedome Square)

Toposone is an outdoor sound performance designed for open sites in the countryside or in an urban city center. A sound field is created by 3 mobile performers, who are composing as they are moving and carrying a portable devices. Those devices make a tri-phonic long range sound system which allows the 3 performers to shape the sound area in real time.

Toposone is a succession of ephemeral sound sculptures. It’s purpose is to build a complex and kinetic sound field which is continuously renewed and in resonance with the environment. With their movements and synthesis manipulations the 3 performers compose and design the sound field. They play with distances and create unusual site specific-listening perspectives.

im Programm von Tuned City
Tuned City Tallinn – sitespecific projects