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For the past year Carlo A. Cubero has been collaborating with students of the Social & Cultural Anthropology of Tallinn University and MoKS in producing a sonic ethnography of Tallinn. The initial questions that guided this phonographic production were grounded on drawing an analogy between the ethics and methodologies of ethnographic filmmaking and their applications to phonography. As an ethnographic filmmaker, Cubero was interested in exploring what happens when “the visual” is removed from visual anthropology.

The presentation “SONIC POTENTIALS OF TALLINN: a case study” will address some epistemological and methodological tensions that emerged in the process of producing an subject centred ethnographic phonography that explores connections between space and sound in Tallinn. The phonography is a sonic portrait of a life long resident of Tallinn, who is visually impaired. The sonic narrative is focused on the theme of “listening” and considers how does a “Tallinner” relates to the city’s sounds. This presentation will play excerpts of the “sonic ethnography” and consider the epistemological and methodological tensions that the production had to contend with in the putting together the piece.

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Sounding the Local / 08.07.11