Foto: Goddur Gudmundur Oddur Magnusson

Lukas Kühne is a German sculptor, he lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. His works have often interdisciplinary contents and been shown in Europe, Iceland, Japan, North and South America. His current work is dedicated to spatial and acoustically impacts. There to mention is CROMATICO in Tallinn, Estonia as well as TVISÖNGUR in Seydisfjördur, Iceland. Together with Robyn Schulkowsky, he developed monumental marimba-like sub bass, instruments. Furthermore is he since 2005 in charge of the interdisciplinary and experimental format ”Form and Sound”, which he also founded, that’s operating at the Faculty of Arts in Montevideo Uruguay.

im Programm von Tuned City
Brussels / Space and Frequency – Rhythm Lab_Performance / 28. June 2013
Brussels / Space and Frequency – Rhythm Lab / 27–28. June 2013
Tallinn / pre-events
Tallinn / Cromatico installation