Dealing with sound and space has many implications. You can see that from the physical site and the way space is shaping sound and vice versa. You could also approch it from the social perspective. In every day life we are surrounded by the sounds of diverse nature and various origins. Sound has an immediate, direct link to both the rational and emotional parts of our brain. Sound shapes our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviors, our lives, sound is another cultural code, it’s about human presence in the world.
Artistic work in the field of sound could help a public understanding and appreciation of the importance of sound, bridge between disciplines as well as inspire curiosity. It is one of Tuned City’s central goals to commission and produce relevant works that embody such qualities.

Enter the Octave and Discover the World of Sound and Reverberation
Lukas Kühne (Montevideo, URG)

Torpedoes Out
megaphone, plastic pipe, electromagnetic sinewave generator, propeller
Raul Keller (EE)

12-ton filter
mobile urban noise tranformer
eyland 07 (René Rissland, Jürgen Lehmeier) und Florian Tuercke (Nürnberg, D)

communication via public space
Unsworn Industries (Malmö, SE)

acoustic prosthesis
Pierre-Laurent Cassière (F)

Urban Audio ECoC1
ambient sound transformer
Florian Tuercke (D)

und weitere …