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Timothy Morton wrote about Tuned City on his blog >>>
and made his ‘earworm’ lecture (audio and slides) completely available >>>

Jonathan Reus & Ruth Timmermans wrote an extended report for GONZO (circus) >>>

foto © Will Schrimshaw

Martin Howse documented his EDE installation here >>>

foto © Mark Stanley

“What an ambitious festival – 3 days, 47 artists, across 22 venues – enough to make any project manager shudder!” read the report by Mark Stanley here >>>





A) Shorts: Listening to Tuned City from within and without
by Felicity Ford (UK) & Valeria Merlini (IT)

Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini explored the sonorities of the city focusing on the sounds of the festival and how they intersect with previously documented sounds of the city itself. During the festival aural “refreshers” of the previous day were played at the start of each subsequent day.

27. June 2013 – opening

28. June 2013 – first conference day

29. June 2013 – second conference day

30. June 2013 – third conference day

A) Symposium: Listening Between a This and a That


June 28th 2013 – Relational Noise

Missing Persons by Hillel Schwartz (US)

Stockholm meets Brussels Mattin (E/BASK) in conversation with Kobe Matthys (BE)

Between Speeds: Sirens, railway shocks, street noises… by Shelley Trower (UK)

Hearing-Things by Christoph Cox (US)


June 29th 2013 – Situational Listening

Walkscapes by Francesco Careri (IT)

The art of sound walks by Joost Fonteyne (BE)

Shared Space by Brandon LaBelle (US)

June 30th 2013 – Operative Ambience



Aesthetic of Atmospheres by Gernot Böhme (D)

Earworm by Timothy Morton (US)

Urban Ambiances as Sensory Lifeforms by Jean-Paul Thibaud (F)

C) radio aporee – fmwalks/bx
by Udo Noll (D)

During Tuned City Brussels, Udo Noll followed the course of the festival with his experimental radio device bx (bROADCAST BOx), a hybrid assembly of tools and techniques for entering and exploring different media spaces more or less simultaneously and delivered a daily sound stream in between documentation and artistic radio practice, embedded into the city’s urban atmospheres. A documentation is online on his blog and the audio archives can be found here on >>>

Matjeka, Stefanie (D)

is born 1985 in Karlsruhe and studies Aesthetics and Art History and Media Studies at the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) since 2007.
She is focussing on contemporary art in the field of performance, sound art and public interventions and on art mediaton.
Since 2012, she is organizing and curating exhibitions as an active member of the art society Kunstverein Jahnstrasse e.V., a young institution for contemporary art in Braunschweig.

Exhibition „I Have a Dream“, secondhome projects, Berlin
Exhibition „It´s all about music“, HBK Gallery, Braunschweig
Art Education project „Artists in School“, CJD Christophorusschool, Braunschweig


by Stefanie Matjeka

The public intervention Liaison evokes the question about our personal behaviour towards urban soundscapes. It provides a nomadic space within the city to perceive the acoustics from an unknown perspective and it labels distinctive spots for sound in urban space as alternative points of interest.
Several Tents will be set up in the city centre of Brussels at locations chosen by their characteristic and specific urban sound atmosphere. They will be accessible for the visitors and labeled in reference to the Festival TUNED CITY with a distinctive pictogram.
Inside each tent the visitor will find a site-specific note with simple listening instructions. The tents are not anchored firmly in the ground to maintain their mobility and to enable visitors to interact with them.
The tents offer a secluded place for the visitors within the public space to experience the surrounding sounds in an intimate situation. They both channel the focus towards one moment of urban soundscape and question the valuation of sounds in terms of harmony.
Labeled and distributed in urban space as one part of the festival TUNED CITY, the tents turn into an iconic sign. They communicate the idea of exploring and discovering sounds within the „urban jungle“ and sanitize the public image of street
noises eventually. This intervention questions our notions, what sounds are worth listening to and opens up the possibility of a change of perspective.

Inter – S

by Sabine Sellig (D)

inter S
sound installation with interaction at the city.

no determined time frame and place megaphone, millimeter paper

The first sound I heard in Brussels was the traffic lights sound, the monotonous ticking on occasion faster or slower, swelling or ebbing away.
Seen in an abstract way, these 24 hours periodic appearing, penetrative signals symbolise regulations, unities, certain frames and pattern.

The „red“ / „green“ phase act itself as loops, of course together,too.

The periodic and circular feature is what you can call my main interest; the little pips in progression are absolutely engrossing: if you once noticed them you‘ll never achieve to dissociate yourself again.
Concerning my artistic way of working with recorded audio material:I am always dealing with little loops in combination.

Typically I search for little rhytmic conspicuous or characteristic events in my collected material, cut these events out and arrange them in a multi-laned new way…

Sellig, Sabine (D)

Sabine Sellig is born 1990 in Bühl, Germany.


since 2009 Arts at the HBK Braunschweig, Germany
in the first instance with the emphasis on „Arts in Action“ with Christoph Schlingensief;?since 2010 Sound art with Ulrich Eller


2013 „Mystique“ – Kulturanker e.V. – Magdeburg
„Nacht und Schimmel – Kunst und Käse“ – Galerie einRaum – Braunschweig
„I have a Dream“ – secondhome projects – Berlin-Wedding
2012 „ICHICHICH“- Raumlabor Braunschweig
„Romantik 2.0“- Kulturanker e.V.- Magdeburg
„Funkausstellung“ (Pit Noack) – Galeria Lunar – Hannover?2011 „GAP“- Raumlabor Braunschweig?2010 Mitarbeit „VIA INTOLLERANZA II“(C. Schlingensief n. L.Nono) – Berlin
„Sysiphos-Projekt“- Ateliers Jahnstrasse – Braunschweig

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Student Exhibition 27–29. June 2013

Student Exhibition

Student presentations @ Galerie Rivoli map >>>
opening June 27, 14:00h

opening times: June 27, 14:00 – 18:00h, June 29, 12:00 – 19:00h

Working with Brussels art schools has been particularly important in the context of Tuned City Brussels. Sint Lucas Architectuur (“Resonances of a blind spot”), Erasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio (sound atelier), Sint Lukas Transmedia (“Inner/Outer”) and La Cambre (ENSAV) option Espace Urbain (“Inouïr Space Exploration”) worked in parallel threads on semester projects in the first half of 2013. Four public workshops in relation to the festival topics were led by external tutors.

Q-O2 hosted two international workshop groups from the Masters of Artistic Research program (MAR) from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, Netherlands and The Sound Art Class from The Braunschweig University of Art (HBK), Germany working on the topics ‘Modes of Listening’ and ‘Interpretation of Noise’.

Results of the semester projects and the workshops will be shown at Galerie Rivoli – a very charming 70s building in the south of Brussels.

Students RITS

Séverine Champeaux – Boxlife –
Sofie De Schrijver – Polanoise
Eva De Roo and Maarten Coosemans – De Opera Zingt
Lucas Derycke and Misha Koole – Achter De Stilte
Joke Sluydts – City Beat

Students Braunschweig University of Arts (D)

Sabine Sellig – Inter – S
Stefanie Matjeka – Liaison
Manuel Silberbach – o.T.

Students Sint-Lucas Architectuur

Yazgi Demirbas – variations of acoustic hats
Louise Frateur – rooftops on bxl
Lyssa Giots – arrange to build
Charlotte Legouhy – building with the void
Liesbet Neesen – try to make the invisible visible
Ligia Papoi – the voice of the microcosmos
Rina Pohlmann – boundary zones
Birgit Sterckx – film-travel experience into a house

Students St. Lukas Transmedia

Amanda Andersen – The Traveling Backrest
Petar Kufner – The void between visual and aural

Farmer, Patrick (GB)

Patrick Farmer is an artist currently living in Oxford. Often highlighting discarded means, he attempts to make a supposed nothing of performance audible with the help of prepared drums, acoustic turntable, electronics or natural objects. He has performed at the National Galleriet in Stockholm, The Red Room
in Baltimore and the I.c.a. in London and has been working together with – amongst others – Ryu Hankil, Will Guthrie, Robert Curgenven and Dominic Lash. Patrick Farmer has published recordings with labels as Cathnor, Another Timbre, and Psykick Dancehall and currently co-runs the Compost and Height label.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / espace intervallaire / 28. June 2013


new edition of radio emission framework:afield by felicity ford and valeria merlini

Listen to the new edition of radio emission framework:afield by felicity ford and valeria merlini in collaboration with students from RITS school of arts.
During the workshops in March, Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini worked with students from R.I.T.S to explore the sonorities of Brussels in advance of the main Tuned City Festival. This workshop involved exploring the sites where Tuned City will take place, and practising a variety of listening techniques adapted from R Murray Schafer, Pauline Oliveros and CRESSON. The workshop emphasis lay on establishing an imaginative and appreciative listening-focussed investigation of the city, and the outcome was a series of experimental shorts, reflecting the students’ engagement with experimental documentation techniques. This work celebrated some of the sounds of Brussels in advance of the festival in June. This first workshop in March also lead to the production of a radio show for framework:afield, which celebrates students’ sonic discoveries of Brussels and conveys an ephemeral impression of the city in sound and which will air as part of the framework:afield broadcast schedule on Friday, 21st June, 01:00, Brussels, on Radio Campus 92.1fm.

Listening Back and Forth in Brussels

Felicity Ford (UK) & Valeria Merlini (IT)

Brussels has a particular sonic identity. Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini explored the sonorities of the city. They focused on both interior and exterior spaces, individual versus collective experiences and a range of possibilities to hear a city. Listening Back and Forth in Brussels is envisaged as a diffusion concert performance. It will offer the audience some sense of the aural character of the largest urban area in Belgium. The
audience is invited to spread out and relax for an optimal listening experience full of sometimes stunning, at times familiar or completely unexpected sonic impressions.

Brussel Navigator. Walking across the edge in between: urban/rural, us/others, past/future, citizens/institution.

walk by Stalker/ON

Stalker proposes experimental strategies for intervention. The methodology is rooted in exploratory spatial practices, using playful, convivial and interactive tactics that relate to an environment, its inhabitants and their local culture. Practices and methods are conceived to catalyze and develop evolutionary and self-organizing processes. The traces of interventions constitute a sensible mapping on the complexity and dynamics of the territory. In addition, the applied strategies employ unedited forms of cooperative documentation to contribute and promote a better self-awareness of the community among locals. In the Brussels context, the walk of Stalker will be guided by “unusual” guides. Specific target groups will accompany the audience to see the city through their gazes.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Situational listening – 29. June 2013

Deligne, Sybille (BE)

Sybille Deligne is currently studying in Espace Urbain at La Cambre in Brussels. Her works show an interest in both the limits of our perceptions and those of the space. For this purpose she applies and combines a wide range of mediums such as video, installation and sculpture. Passing the thresholds of the sensible with installations appealing from the visible to the palpable and the audible, her approach strongly questions and investigates the notion of perception.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Les Porteurs / 29. June 2013

Zagari, David (FR)

David Zagari was trained in contemporary dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon. He collaborated with various international companies such as Philippe Saire (CH), Jorge Garcia (BR), Willy Dorner (AU) or Jemima Hoadley (UK). As from 2008 he started to work with live performances and collaborated with Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (FR) as well as Alessandra Coppola. In addition, he obtained a postmaster in performative arts in a.pass with a research on smells. His work currently questions aspects of territory, identity and the frames of (re)presentation within the context of the “urban space”.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Les Porteurs / 29. June 2013

Matthys, Kobe (BE)

Born 1970. Artist. 1991 – 1995 MA fine arts at Städelschule für Bildende Künste DE. In 1992 founded Agency, an agency for quasi creations. He conducts a long term research on the practices of reapropriation and the public domain. Lives in Brussels.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Noise & Gentrification / 28. June 2013

Zenial: Connection Reset by Peer

ZENIAL (Lukasz Szalankiewicz) (PL)

What happens hidden in the aether? The sound designer, historian, curator and member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music Lukasz Szalankiewicz aka Zenial takes us on a trip in the ‘fifth element’. Between scientific experiment and alchemist approach, Connection Reset by Peer’ dives in interferences of environment sounds based to a large extent on electricity, radio feedback and electromagnetic fields. With a battery of every day electronic gadgets he is generating and sensing traces of the real and imitated spectral voices.

Music that owes equal portions to musique concrete, noise and microsound, not necessarily in that order. Things buzz, crackle, hiss and form long wave sine tones, radio interceptions, stuck together in an interesting collage of sound.

His aural experiments ooze an otherwordly atmospherics, as if ghosts yearned to escape from his lingering audio abyss. Clicks, beeps, field recordings, disembodied “voices” all compose Zenial’s sonic world. An exploration of a sonic parallel reality – a somewhat different atmosphere…

With the support of the Polish Institute, Cultural Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Operative Atmospheres – 30. June 2013


performance by Akio Suzuki (JP) & Aki Onda (US)

Extended duration performance in the round with legendary Japanese sound artist/instrument builder Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda – an electronic musician/composer/visual artist best known for his Cassette Memories project.
The sound equipment for this site-specific performance is set up in the middle of the space. This allows visitors to surround during the concert that will consist of very dense as well as sparse and quiet moments. The performers deal with the acoustics of the location as an essential part of the concert. Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda will play with the architecture by moving around in the space and changing the position of the sound sources they use. The performance is variable in length. Visitors can come and go depending on the time they would like to spend on this unique event.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Operative Atmospheres – 30. June 2013

Vilvoorde Viaduct

The Vilvoorde viaduct was built as the last piece to close the Brussels beltway in 1977. The gigantic construction has a length of 1700 m and a height of 35 m and covers in it’s largest span 162 m over the river Zenne.
Today’s daily traffic is about 140 000 vehicles, while the saturation point is about 180.000. Imagine to walk inside directly underneath the street of that all metall structure, brought to resonance by the the traffic.

appearance at Tuned City Operative Atmospheres – 30. June 2013

Eloquent Voice: Lies and Other Truths

Zoë Irvine (UK)

This sound work is exploring oral history recordings from the BNA-BBOT archives, an online open-access database that has been facilitating inhabitants of Brussels to record and upload their conversations. Voice is a threshold phenomenon, oscillating between the bodily interior and exterior. It is spanning the emotional and the linguistic and extending from the individual to the social. In the work Lies and Other Truths, Zoë Irvine uses biometric voice analysis technology to examine the emotional content of the material voice in forensic detail. It is an experimental work placing the voice in a new light.
Eloquent Voice has been kindly supported by DJCAD, University of Dundee.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Operative Atmospheres – 30. June 2013

Nessi, Margaux (BE)

Margaux Nessi (BE) graduated in scenography at the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre. She currently works for theater, film and museums and created for example the set design for La Maison dans la Forêt of the theatre company Welcome to Earth. She also designed masks for the film Never Die Young of Pol Cruchten and conceptualized the scenography of the exhibition of “Haren Visité”.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Haren visité / 30. June 2013

Goryn, Alexia (BE)

Alexia Goryn (BE) is photographer. Her work often originates from places with specific histories or amongst local populations in Europe and Africa. With the images she collects and captures, she develops a discourse around a given location or territory. In 2012 she presented her exhibition “Haren Visité” in Haren and in 2013 she will be presenting it in Brussels.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Haren visité / 30. June 2013

Gillié, Flavien (BE)

The work of Flavien Gillié (BE) is dedicated to field recording. He often connects aspects of a particular place to the sound of the voice and snippets of memories. He elaborates his registrations and recordings until they become sonic landscapes that are suitable for presentations in concert or installation formats.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Haren visité / 30. June 2013