Today the German duo Eyland07 will put into action the 12-tone filter, a mobile urban noise transformer. The installation will be up and running by 12:00 at Vabaduse Väljak (Freedome Square). The public is invited to join and experience the object´s capacity to transform urban noises into tuned sounds.

The 12-tone filter is a mobile sonic object that transforms so called bad noise into good noise. The performance aims at changing the listeners´ perception of the given sonic sourrounding and adding a new quality to the experiance of hearing strong everyday sounds such as street traffic and city noise. The 12-tone filter will be presented several times throughout the festival. Times and sites will be announced online or you stop by MÄRZ project space located in the Old Town. Here you can get information on all Tuned City Tallinn projects and events. You can pick-up the program and visit the exibition.