March 19th, 2017

interfaces website online

INTERFACES is an international, interdisciplinary project focusing on bringing new music to an extensive range of new audiences. It involves a partnership of organisations from a wide range of European countries having a broad spectrum of experience in fields such as performing, multi-media exhibitions, new media, acoustic and electroacoustic research and education. This trans-sectoral approach is the key to opening up new perspectives on both the creative dimension of the project and the central objective, which is to engage new audiences of all ages and those potential audience segments which, for a variety of demographic or cultural reasons have not yet been exposed to the music of our time.
The Interfaces network includes the following partner institutions: Onassis Cultural Centre (GREECE), De Montfort University (UK), European University Cyprus, IRCAM (FRANCE), ZKM | Center for Art and Media (GERMANY), CREMAC (Romania), Q-02 (BELGIUM), ICTUS (BELGIUM), Klangforum Wien (Austria), the affiliate partners Centre Iannis Xenakis (FRANCE), Theatrum Mundi (UK), Tuned City (GERMANY) and Medea Electronique (GREECE) and was made possible thanks to the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
Tuned City will take place in the frame of Interfaces in May 2018.

October 8th, 2016

Site and Sound exhibition in Hong Kong

Sites and Sound + Urban Sound Art
Sound Art in Public Spaces
08.10. – 03.11.2016 – Goethe-Institut Hong Kong – 14/F HK Arts Centre
2, Harbour Road, Wanchai – Hong Kong

The exhibition »Sites and Sounds« documents sound installations in public spaces in an exemplary manner. The works presented here not only have in common the fact that they have been permanently producing sound for many years: they are also paradigmatic for a type of artistic practice in which the central subject of creative postulation is the confrontation with a concrete location. The presentation includes works by Max Neuhaus in New York City (USA), Bruce Odland + Sam Auinger in North Adams (USA), Bernhard Leitner in Paris (France), Andreas Oldörp in Grafschaft (Germany), Hans Peter Kuhn in Leeds (UK) and Rolf Julius in Nantes (France) at various places of different function and atmosphere in Europe and the US. This exhibition was originally curated 2014 by Markus Steffens for the bonn hoeren festival.

The Second part »Urban Sound Art« documents the large sound installation projects created by Bonn city sound artists since 2010. Works by Sam Auinger (2010), Erwin Stache (2011), Andreas Oldörp (2012), Christina Kubisch (2013), Max Eastley (2014), Stefan Rummel (2014), Edwin van der Heide (2015) and Gordon Monahan (2016) give an overview of how diverse the sound artists’ engagement with urban situations and spaces under Bonn Hoeren is. Sound art in public spaces constitutes the centre of Bonn Hoeren’s artistic work and research area. Initiated in 2010 by the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the City of Bonn, the curated project by Carsten Seiffarth (Berlin) has been studying continuously the acoustic conditions and sonic contexts which define modern urban spaces. For that Bonn Hoeren appoints yearly one artist to be that year’s city sound artist of Bonn. And with a residency the artist realizes a new sound installation for the city. In addition, the residences include acoustic research and onsite investigations as well as scientific side events and education projects.

We installed the exhibitions at the Goethe Institut and used the time for some research in Hong Kong.
Read more about the exhibition >>>
September 11th, 2016

HALL 04 theater installation @ DAZ

In times of ‘hyperconnectivity’ the Dutch-Belgian collective TAAT (Theatre as Architecture Architecture as Theatre) takes the idea of architecture as theatre to the extreme. HALL04 is a Do-It-Together-theatre-installation that allows visitors to meet under special conditions in a large-scale wood sculpture.
The Berlin version at DAZ (11.-18. September 2016) was constructed by TAAT in cooperation with architecture students of Alanus Hochschule and theater students of Aberystwyth University under special consideration of sound as medium. We tutored parts of that process.

June 15th, 2016


The next Tuned City will take place in May 2018 in Ancient Messene / Greece in collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens in the frame of the Creative Europe cooperation project ‘Interfaces’. In spring 2017 we’ll kick-start the project with a series of residencies and workshops.
We will announce a call soon, please stay tuned!

April 15th, 2016

PHANTOM POWER – Konrad Smolenski

For the Polish Institute Berlin we curated and produced a solo show of Konrad Smolenski.

Phantom – something, what exists only in your imagination or fantasy, something not real, an illusion, a confusion of the senses.
Stage, gallery, institution – Konrad Smole?ski utilises the icons, artefacts, spatial determinations, codes and social syntax of contemporary culture production and presentation and undercuts their conventions and formats.
PHANTOM POWER plays with symbolic assignments, presence and absence and shows, how Foucault formulated so spot on “[...] that we do not live in a homogeneous and empty space, but on the contrary in a space thoroughly imbued with quantities and perhaps is full of phantoms as well.”

Konrad Smolenski (1977) works with sound, film, object in-between installation, performance and situation. In 2013 the internationally successful artists represented Poland at the 55th Venice-Biennale.

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February 15th, 2016

The Statement! Sound – Installation

Just contributed an article (Acoustic Knowing – Formats of Mediation between City and Sound) to this book.
This publication on the theory and history of artistic practice in the field of sound art illustrates themes and debates concerning the homonymic meeting that was held last summer at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. In the field of sculptural art that uses sound, interventions using sound have developed since the 1980s into an area of their own, to which practice, artistic application, and theory are matched within the context of teaching at the UFA. Ingo Schulz, Ulrich Eller, and Christoph Metzger motivated renowned curators, artists, and theorists of sound art to take their inventory of the resonant art form. The book reflects the status of university teaching across Germany as well as curatorial practice and is so designed as to further the aesthetic debate in this field beyond music.

Editor: Christoph Metzger, Ulrich Eller
Authors: Andreas Oldörp, Anne Müller von der Haegen, Annette Tietenberg, Antimo Sorgente, Bärbel Schlüter, Carsten Seiffarth, Carsten Stabenow, Christoph Metzger, Dennis Graef, Franz Martin Olbrisch, Fraucke Stiller, Ingo Schulz, Jens Brand, Johannes Meinhardt, Julia Gerlach, Maija Julius, Robin Minard, Sebastian Pralle, Ulrich Eller

ISBN 978-3-86828-641-0

September 8th, 2015

Listening to Public Space – Montreal

Conferences, concert, roundtable / September 21 – 23, 2015
Oboro: 4001, rue Berri, # 301; Goethe-Institut: 1626, boul.St-Laurent, Montreal/Canada

The Goethe-Institut MontrealHexagram, Oboro and DOCK Berlin unite forces to present a series of events exploring the relationship between sound, art and urban space.

Three evenings of public events are planned, including a sound walk by artist Nicolas Dion Buteau, presentations by curators Carsten Seiffarth and Carsten Stabenow on artistic platforms in Germany promoting the research, presentation and creation of sound works and the urban environment (bonn hoeren and Tuned City), the presentation of a listening map of Bonn by sonic artist Sam Auinger, a performance by Ernst Karel of a composition integrating both human and non-human voices emanating from an urban environment, and finally a roundtable on the transformation of urban sounds in the built environment. Details >>>

In collaboration with the Goethe-Instituts of New York, Boston, Mexico, Sao Paolo and Montevideo.

April 28th, 2015

Drone Lab + Unmapping – workshop + seminar for tsnonami/valparaiso

In November/December 2014 we had the chance to do a research trip to Valparaiso. On invitation of the Tsonami Festival and Goethe Institut Chile we spent 2 weeks at this highly interesting place and carried out a workshop and a seminar under the Tsonami’s 2014 topic “GEOGRAFÍAS AUDIBLES”. We hope to develop that collaboration further…

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April 28th, 2015

Composición espacial TUNED CITY MONTEVIDEO

In the frame of Festival internacional de Arte Sonoro Monteaudio 18-22 Nov 2014 tuned city was invited by Lukas Kühne and Fabrice Lengronne for a workshop at EUM Escuela Universitaria de Música – Facultad de Artes, Montevideo/Uruguay.
Together with their students of the „Forma y Sonido“ class and the artist and curator Martin Craciun we explored for a couple of days different sonic aspects of the town.
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May 14th, 2014

Akio Suzuki + Akio Onda – live at tunedcity 2013 released

The great closing concert of tuned city Brussels 2013 ma-ta-ta-bi by Akio Suzuki + Aki Onda was just released by ORAL_records Montreal. Read the conversation of Akio and Aki about this project. “Amazing clash and collaboration of two giants of Japanese Sound art and improvisation. A new duo who is there to stay for a long…. long… time ! A MUST !!!”

March 14th, 2014

festival bonn hoeren 2014

12th – 22nd of june 2014

in the fifth year of bonn hoeren a large FESTIVAL project will take place from the 12th to the 22nd of june 2014, in which the results of the fundamental thematic research of the first four years will be condensed and developed further both artistically and discursively. around two concentrated weekends, bonn will be transformed into a vast platform for artistic production and presentation, discussion and intermediation of sound art and music in public spaces through a variety of formats. the city-wide event will present a series of newly commissioned site-specific works by renowned sound artists and an international symposium (18.-22.6.2014) extending the theoretical and practical discourse. students of architecture, music and sound art from diverse institutions will conduct investigations in various parts of the city and develop projects and perform on-site interventions. next to a series of concerts and site-specific performances, a big city symphony with hundreds of participants will be premiered in the city center of bonn on the 20th of june.

October 27th, 2013

Tuned City presentation at HBK Saar

12.11.2013 / 18 Uhr / Aula
Lecture at Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Saarbrücken
Artistic interventions in the city – methods and formats of mediation using the example of the Tuned City project (Berlin, Tallinn, Brussels).
(On Invitation of Prof. Andreas Oldörp, sound art class at HBK Saar)

October 26th, 2013

Tuned City presentation at KUMU, Tallinn

Symposium: Sound and public space
30.10.2013 / 11:00 – 17:00
[...] Urban space and sound: John Grzinich will introduce Tuned City, which has been held in different cities of Europe since 2008 and in Tallinn in 2011. Mapping connections between the built environment and sound, it pays attention to sounds that we usually do not consider to be important, sounds that don’t seem “interesting” or seem to be just background noise. But once they are noticed we actually sense our surroundings differently. Besides “amplifying”, the project experiments with what kind of sounds can be added, and how we can use the city as an instrument. Besides raising the awareness of city soundscapes, it explores how other fields can use the outcomes of such projects as Tuned City, and what the sound artist’s point of view offers to urbanists, architects etc. [...]

The Symposium is part of the large scale exhibition “Out of Sync. Looking Back at the History of Sound Art

September 30th, 2013

tuned city presentation at mutek mexico

international symposium in the frame of MUTEK_MX at Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City

Monday 30th Sept 2013
Introduction by Carsten Stabenow, initiator and artistic director, Tuned City, Berlin

CASE STUDY 3: TUNED CITY (3.45-4.15pm)
Presentation of the Tuned City platform & projects – the relation between sound & space/city/urban environment, the research and methods of mediation, how to translate to an audience and into the design of public policies.

PANEL 1: Architecture, sound & new technologies in the future city (4.15-5.30pm)
Building audiences, mediating, mixing fields, and blurring the limits of the art fields. How to collaborate with local institutions, with their infrastructures, to try to make things change from the very inside?
Modetator: Carsten Stabenow, Tuned City, Berlin / Speakers: Martin Craciun, Soco Festival, University Montevideo / Abel Perles, Productora, Mexico DF / Natalia Britos, Museo universitario el Chopo

August 15th, 2013

TC Brussels Documentation online

A first documentation with fotos, reports, interviews and recordings of all lectures is online now >>>

June 18th, 2013

new edition of radio emission framework:afield by felicity ford and valeria merlini

Listen to the new edition of radio emission framework:afield by felicity ford and valeria merlini in collaboration with students from RITS school of arts.
During the workshops in March, Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini worked with students from R.I.T.S to explore the sonorities of Brussels in advance of the main Tuned City Festival. This workshop involved exploring the sites where Tuned City will take place, and practising a variety of listening techniques adapted from R Murray Schafer, Pauline Oliveros and CRESSON. The workshop emphasis lay on establishing an imaginative and appreciative listening-focussed investigation of the city, and the outcome was a series of experimental shorts, reflecting the students’ engagement with experimental documentation techniques. This work celebrated some of the sounds of Brussels in advance of the festival in June. This first workshop in March also lead to the production of a radio show for framework:afield, which celebrates students’ sonic discoveries of Brussels and conveys an ephemeral impression of the city in sound and which will air as part of the framework:afield broadcast schedule on Friday, 21st June, 01:00, Brussels, on Radio Campus 92.1fm.

May 21st, 2013

Tuned City brussels 2013

Lectures, talks, performances, installations, walks and workshops with Hillel Schwartz (US) / Christoph Cox (UK) / Shelley Trower (UK) / Mattin (E/BASK)(tbc) /Dawn Scarfe (UK) / Joanna Bailie (UK) / Christina Kubisch (D) + students / Kabir Carter (US) Der Wexel – Wessel Westerveld (NL) + Yuri Landman (NL)(tbc) / doc-team; Szilvia Kovács, Carina Lesky, Anamarija Batista (AT/INT) / Francesco Careri (I) / Joost Fonteyne (B) / Brandon LaBelle (US/D) / Akio Suzuki (JP) / Lee Patterson (UK) / stalker (I) / Felicity Ford + Valeria Merlini (UK+IT/D) / aifoon (B) / Udo Noll (D) / Lukas Kühne + Robyn Schulkowsky (D/US/URG) / David Helbich (D/B) / Marina Rosenfeld (US) / Okkyung Lee (US) / Guy de Bievre (B) / Franziska Windisch (D/B) / Rie Nakajima (UK) / Roberta Gigante (I/B) / Pierre Berthet (B) / David Maranha & Patricia Machás (PT) / Gernot Böhme (D) / Timothy Morton (UK) / Jean-Paul Thibaud (FR) / Will Schrimshaw (UK) / Aki Onda (US) / Zoe Irvine, BBOT/BNA (B) / ZENIAL Lukasz Szalankiewicz (PL)…

Check the program overview for details!!! >>>
March 20th, 2013

TC Brussels Lecture event #2 and Workshops

Lezing-evenement #2 stelt het werk van negen kunstenaars voor, die werken met geluid, publieke ruimte, architectuur en de stad. De ruimte en haar geluid kunnen als een artistiek onderwerp of werkterrein worden beschouwd, zowel in een fysieke zin als in termen van symbolische en metaforische associaties. Artistieke presentaties zullen deze verschillende betekenislagen opentrekken, inzicht in werkmethodes geven en specifieke benaderingen van geluid en stad verkennen.

This will be followed by a collaborative workshop week March 25th – 28th together with Sint Lucas Architectuur, Erasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio, Sint Lukas Transmedia, a.pass, okno and La Cambre (ENSAV) option Espace Urbain and l’Escaut.
Closing presentations on march 28th, Q-O2, Koomijnenkaai 30-34, 1080 Brussels, 18:00.

January 23rd, 2013

TC Brussels 2013!

Tuned City Brussels – georganiseerd samen met Q-O2, werkplaats voor experimentele muziek en klankkunst – start in samenwerking met Sint Lucas Architectuur, Erasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio, Sint Lukas Transmedia, a.pass en La Cambre (ENSAV) optie Espace Urbain, met een reeks lezing-evenementen, artistieke presentaties, mini-residenties, universiteitsprojecten en workshops in de eerste helft van 2013. (ga naar PRE-EVENTS) Dit wordt gevolgd door een internationaal vierdaags festival van 27 tot 30 juni dat conferenties mengt met artistieke realisaties zoals concerten, wandelingen, installaties en interventies in situ.

December 18th, 2012

4′33″ flashmob

30th of December 2012  15:00 (3 p.m.)
Berlin, Alexanderplatz    (meeting point: world-clock / Weltzeituhr)
initiated by Florian Tuercke (D)
Take part!!

about the flashmob
2012 was the year of John Cages 100th birthday. The musical, and philosophical accomplishments of this outstanding composer were celebrated with conferences, festivals, performances, lectures and publications all over the world. The 4′33” flashmob wants to set a proper ending point to the John-Cage-Year. You are invited to take part in this intervention. Further informations and instructions here:

about 4′33”
The composition was first performed by David Tudor in 1952 (which means it had its 60th anniversary this year). Though often referred to as “four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence” the composition isn’t about silence at all. The musical content rather is all the sounds that happen while a musician (or an orchestra) doesn’t play.