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Art schools
Working with Brussels art schools has been particularly important in the context of Tuned City Brussels. Sint Lucas Architectuur (“Resonances of a blind spot”), Erasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio (sound atelier), Sint Lukas Transmedia (“Inner/Outer”) and La Cambre (ENSAV) option Espace Urbain (“Inouïr Space Exploration”) worked in parallel threads on semester projects in the first half of 2013. Four public workshops in relation to the festival topics were led by external tutors.
Q-O2 hosted two international workshop groups from the Masters of Artistic Research program (MAR) from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, Netherlands (led by Raviv Ganchrow and Gabriel Paiuk) and The Sound Art Class from The Braunschweig University of Art (HBK), Germany (led by Carsten Stabenow) working on the topics ‘Modes of Listening’ and ‘Interpretation of Noise’.
Results of the semester projects and the workshops will be shown at Galerie Rivoli.

Student presentations at Galerie Rivoli >>> map
June 27, 14:00 > 18:00h, June 29, 12:00 > 19:00h


Citizenne is building an open and learning Brussels in collaboration with other organisations, groups and communities. A place where residents feel connected and involved. Citizenne organises, among others, courses, debates, workshops and trips, very much with the locals and their daily lives in mind. Their activities are there for them and by them. Citizenne creates conditions and opportunities for locals to carry out their own projects and do their own thing. During Tuned City Brussels, Citizenne invites you to come and explore the festival in group, with a word of explanation from the artists and organisers along the way.

Group Visit, June 29, 13:30 > 17:00
Tickets: €5 (reduction: €2,5). Info and reservations: 02/203 08 00 – –


BESSST (Brussels, silence and tradition)
bessst is a community of practice of people who want to make the quiet side of Brussels accessible to as many residents and visitors as possible. We want to bring back wonder, pause and simplicity in the daily grind. bessst strives to raise the quality of life of city dwellers and all those who visit Brussels by showing them the way towards quiet places and practices. And by offering projects that purposefully create space to enjoy peace and quiet in the city.


BNA-BBOT encourages a large number of people to record their conversations about life in Brussels. The objective is to keep these sound recordings in a useful sound library with a view to distributing these in the broadest sense possible. BNA-BBOT has made technical recording equipment available for this purpose, receives and collects testimonies that are subsequently archived and organised in a trilingual database. This is available online from and currently contains more than 1,800 testimonies that date from 1999 to date.



Tuned City Brussels: Lecture-event #1
12/02/2013 – 19:00 – WIELS – Entrée gratuite

Carsten Stabenow, le fondateur de Tuned City, introduira brièvement le projet et partagera une vision des plans pour Bruxelles. Le Dr. Lamberto Tronchin, Professeur en Physique Environnementale à l’Université de Bologne est internationalement reconnu en tant qu’autorité sur le sujet du son et de l’acoustique, également lui-même pianiste, il ouvrira l’évènement par une conférence sur l’un des penseurs les plus inspirants du son et de l’espace au dix-septième siècle, Athanasius Kircher. L’architecte et urbaniste belge, Luc Deleu, questionne par ses projets utopiques le rôle de l’architecture et de l’urbanisme à l’ère moderne, leurs positions et responsabilités dans une société globale et ouvre par sa vision de nouvelles perspectives à la pensée architecturale. Ariane Wilson, architecte et historienne à la RWTH Aachen, concentre ses recherches sur le rôle du son dans la ville et l’architecture et proposera une présentation des développements actuels en ce domaine.

Une performance de Justin Bennett, qui se concentre sur le lien entre son et architecture, jouera avec l’élasticité du concept d”espace’.


photo © John Grzinich

Tuned City au Artefact
20/02/2013 – 19:00 + 20:30 – STUK – Leuven

Au cours du festival Artefact, Felicity Ford (UK), Peter Cusack (UK) et Pascal Amphoux (CRESSON) (FR) viendront présenter leurs différentes visions sur la relation entre la ville et le son. Avant cela, des promenades sonores sont organisées à Louvain. Deux promenades débutent à 19 heures devant l’accueil du centre d’arts STUK. Les lectures et les présentations débutent à 20h30 dans la Soetezaal.

Tuned City Brussels: Lecture-event #2 – Artist presentations
23/03/2013 – 14:00 – La Cambre/Auditorium – free entrance

Ligna (D), Christina Kubisch (D), Felicity Ford (UK) + Valeria Merlini (IT/D), Roberta Gigante (BE), Nikolaus Gansterer (AT), Christoph Fink (BE), Udo Noll (D) and Will Schrimshaw (UK).

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Nederlands et English.

Tuned City Brussels: workshops
25 – 28/03/2013 - various locations

A collaborative workshop week together with Sint Lucas ArchitectuurErasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio, Sint Lukas Transmedia, a.pass, okno and La Cambre (ENSAV) option Espace Urbain and l’Escaut.
Closing presentations on march 28th, Q-O2, Koomijnenkaai 30-34, 1080 Brussels, 18:00.


Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Nederlands et Englisch.


download the first flyer >>>

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